The Baptist journey began on May 13, 1813 when William Robinson, a Baptist missionary from England, came to Indonesia. In 1834, 2 missionaries namely Lyman & Munson who evangelized in the interior of Sumatra died as martyrs in the Labu Pining area, North Sumatra. In 1948, the victory of the Chinese Communist Party resulted in the closure of ministries and seminaries in China which led to the Baptist mission moving to Indonesia and starting to serve here. Until January 1950, B.J Cauthen, one of the pioneering missionaries in Indonesia, began conducting surveys. However, due to lack of personnel, he requested additional missionaries. So on December 24, 1951, came 3 Serangkai; namely William B. Johnson, Stockwell B. Sears, and Charles P. Cowherd.
On February 25, 1952, a Baptist ministry permit was issued in Indonesia by the Ministry of Religion. And on May 11, 1952, the inaugural service was held at the Masonic Building, Jalan Wastu Kencana 27 Bandung. Then on 28 November 1952, the Baptist Mission ‘Southern Baptist Convention’ was formed in Indonesia. The SBC Baptist mission addresses 3 aspects of Jesus’ ministry. It is Teaching, Preaching, and Healing. Therefore, they concentrated their ministry work in 5 major cities in Java. Semarang as a city of teaching, was founded by Dr. BL. Nichols. Bandung founded a publication of Sunday School materials which became the forerunner of the LLB by Stockwell B. Sears. Kediri as a City of Healing founded a hospital by Dr. Kathleen Jones. and Surabaya and Jakarta as City of News. The first churches that followed were GBI Kalvari Jakarta, GBI Immanuel Surabaya, GBI Sion which is now GBI Seteran Semarang, and GBI Semampir which is now GBI Sahabat Kediri.
On 20-24 May 1968, a Baptist Conference was held which resulted in a decision to form the BKS or Baptist Cooperation Agency. About 3 years later, on 19-28 July 1971, the missions held a meeting in Tretes with the following results: giving freedom for Indonesian Baptists to serve better and closing the Seminary. Responding to the results of the meeting in Tretes, a month later on August 8-12, 1971 a Baptist Conference was held at STBI Semarang with the following decisions: The seminary remains open and a proposal to form a Baptist church organization that is independent of the mission. And with that, on August 12, 1971, the Association of Indonesian Baptist Churches was formed, which was perfected to become the Association of Indonesian Baptist Churches. GGBI carries out the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus through the 5-year Faith Program. The period 1985 – 1990 was held the 500-5 Faith Program. In the period 1990-1995 with the 5 + 1 + 1 Faith Program. 1995-2000 period with the 2000-2 Faith Program. 2000-2005 period with the Shining Firm Faith Program. 2005-2010 period with the Rooted, Blooming, Spreading Faith Program. 2010-2015 period with the Faith Program United, Witnessing, Multiplying. And the 2015-2020 period with the GM3 Faith Program (Church Preaching, Developing, Sending).