Right at 10:00 WIB, the ratification program continued to the WARNASARI session led by Rev. Paul Kabariyanto. After reading out the discussion points, some participants re-submitted their proposals regarding the agenda of the joint event going forward.

Loyalty, was spoken from Ps. Dodik Hernowo, Pastor of GBI Klaten Session. Agreeing on Eleonora Moniung’s previous complaint that she regretted the absence of the agency’s representatives in the last sessions, especially when she meant not to stay together with other participants at the Bukit Soka Baptist Retreat (WRB), Salatiga.

“There is no impression of a large family at the end of the meeting, because until this moment many informants were absent!” said Ellen.

Ps. Dodik also expressed his disappointment at the ranks of the foundations and institutions that did not complete filling the deliberation bench, and regarded it as a form of inconsistency.

Responding to the question with high tones, YBI / YRSBI Secretary Secretary Yohanes Widoyoko Irawan took over. As one of the figures sitting in a row of institutional chairs, he explained, “In this National Conference the one who is obliged to attend is a church delegate. If you ask, why not all (leaders) of the institutions are present, it is necessary to know, actually the foundation, institutions, and BPN The GGBI is invited to submit a report on accountability and the program, if the task is completed, the person has the right to leave the place. ”

He continued, “Almost all the administrators and supervisors have worked very hard, so please understand. And I apologize on behalf of the management and supervisors, because they have not yet finished leaving this place. The management and other supervisors of the field are not here (foundation or institution), they have other jobs. Me and Rev. David (Chairperson of YBI / YRSBI) can still stay here because we are unemployed, so we can still wait until tomorrow, “he explained casually and calmly, welcomed by the laughter of the participants.

Still regarding the role of the foundation, in connection with the planned construction of the hall in the Bukit Soka WRB, Salatiga (which can contain 800 people for MUBES) as well as the expansion of lodging facilities, Widoyoko also explained, that this was not the foundation’s responsibility. He requested that people not misunderstand and then demand the Indonesian Baptist Foundation (YBI) to take full responsibility.

“Our nature (YBI and YRSBI) is only a supporting system, so we only support. So the implementation of MUBES remains in the hands of the BPN GGBI and the church! ” he stressed.

Ps. Hana confirms the explanation. He hoped that the remainder of the cost of building the hall and the addition of the lodging building at WRB Bukit Soka Salatiga, would also be a burden on the people. In fact, it should be the people who are fully responsible, bearing in mind that the interests of the deliberations are the interests of the people.

This development plan aims to save the budget for the next meeting so that some participants do not need to stay at the hotel. This effort to save budget is also done by changing the minit book model to the form of Compact Disc (CD). In addition to saving on printing costs, this form of soft copy can make it easier for participants to bring it to the next meeting and facilitate copying.

Speaking of further deliberations, Rev. Hana added, every church should not replace delegates, because the National Conference’s decision will continue.
He also continued to remind participants that strength remained in the hands of the people, and it was important to continue to establish togetherness and family principles.

Author: Andry W.P
Editor: Prisetyadi Teguh W.