GGBI aims to:

  1. Carry Out the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus (Matthew 28: 19-20)
  2. Bring together Baptists in an organized organization as the institutionalization of the Large Family of Indonesian Baptists.
  3. Together with the Government and the entire Indonesian nation, we strive to achieve a just and prosperous society both spiritually and materially based on Pancasila.


  1. Fostering and guiding Indonesian Baptist churches so that they grow into an evangelical church of God that is able to serve God’s work in the middle of the world and as a witness of the Lord Jesus.
  2. Fostering and guiding Indonesian Baptist churches within the framework of fostering the spirit of unity and unity as well as increasing a sense of solidarity and family spirit between churches and between people in large family containers.
  3. Organizing education as a means of increasing intelligence, awareness, and responsibility as well as the ability to play a role and take part in the development of Indonesia.
  4. Organizing humanitarian social services in the fields of health, agriculture, literature, mass media, and others as a means of improving the welfare of the community both spiritually and materially in accordance with the ideals of the nation as set out in Pancasila.
  5. Carrying out businesses that generate profits for the needs of the GGBI organization.