GGBI National Conference II Closed with Joy and Gifts

After completing the National Conference (Munas) II of the Indonesian Baptist Church Association (GGBI), a look of joy from the remaining participants at the Bukit Soka Salatiga Baptist Retreat (WRB), Thursday, March 10, 2016.

After deliberation since Tuesday morning March 8 2016, the participants were refreshed in the closing service led by the Chairman of the National Management Agency (BPN) GGBI, Pdt. Yosia Wartono in the YBI Hall. Praise “Unite Us” and “In Jesus We Are Brothers” reinforces that they are brothers who support each other in God. Especially in the second praise, the Pastor of the GBI Setia Bakti Kediri Session invited representatives of Baptist churches in the country to sing together while holding hands , also mention each other’s positive things.

Gratitude to God was also conveyed by the Pastor of GBI Golgota, Kroya, Cilacap Pdt. Jacob Hardiarto through the praise titled “Thank God”. Without first practicing with a music team consisting of members of the BPN GGBI, Ps. Jacob brought the compliment neatly and sincerely. His witty style can’t be separated when he slips a short story before praising God. Of course, this invited laughter of the participants of the General Meeting.

Before returning to serving in their respective churches, all participants were provided with the word of God delivered by Deputy Chairman of the BPN GGBI Pdt. Daniel Royo Hariyono. Take the foundation of God’s word from Nehemiah 2:18; 4: 6, Pastor of the Surabaya Peniel GBI Session explained the importance of showing one’s identity as God’s chosen people. The Bible character in the word delivered, Nehemiah, did God’s will when everything was ready. Supported by the spirit of mutual cooperation with the people to create a city wall that can stand upright. This condition is considered Ps. Royo, just like the condition of the Indonesian people who are harmonious and helping each other.

Pascafirman Lord, former Chairman of BPN GGBI Pdt. Timotius Kabul led the closing prayer as well as a blessing to the participants of the General Conference with the theme “Ready to Cooperate to Make Hope” Then proceed with the praise “I leave it to God”.

The last session was the part that the participants of the General Assembly were waiting for because the committee had prepared a number of attractive prizes. The first three prizes were given to participants who could answer the date of birth of the Trustee of the Indonesian Baptist Hospital (YRSBI) Yohanes Widoyoko and Chairman of the National Consultative Body (Bamusnas) Pdt. Hana Adi Nugroho, and mentioned the full name of the Chairman of the GGBI National Conference II Andreas Sugeng. While other attractive prizes for the church, such as mobile phones, magic com, uniforms, and dispensers.

Author: Luana Yunaneva

Editor: Prisetyadi Teguh Wibowo